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Step 3: Strengthening

Strengthening your body utilizing specifically designed rehabilitative exercises to allow and support balanced bodily motions. This is typically the missing step when looking at other failed attempts at living pain free. The body must have a strong foundation to support itself before it can take on the everyday stressors of life.

Strengthening your body not only means to strengthen your muscles but also your nervous system, immune system, and your mind as well. At FPM we acknowledge the fact that our body is not made up of many separate parts that are unconnected to each other. We can see that the many parts and systems work as one unit with many intricate connections each one feeding into the next. That is why it is our goal for you to see improvements in all aspects of your health so that you may achieve the best you possible. If you would like to make this your goal as well give us a call to get started. 

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